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So I'm finally back. Yeah.

So what happened?

Well, that's both easy and hard to answer, but here's the short answer:

I graduated from Boston University with a European History and a Visual Arts Minor. Cum Laude.
I got accepted to 3 graduate schools for Museum Education Master's Program. I decided on Tufts University.

So? You say.

Well, let me go into detail.
My final semester of college, I took 6 courses instead of 4. 4 of them were incredibly difficult courses, being in fields I have not a lot of experience, but have a great amount of interest. I was vice-president and essentially in charge of a 40 person Amine group. I was being drained imaginatively, and not given a lot of time to work through this mental block. I also have to admit that I was dealing with rejection and relationships relatively poorly, which did not help.
So every week, I'd vow to do post something, work on art, or even talk to people, and I was too tired to put the effort to make time. So I slipped into a haitus from my online life. It took a month to get back this far.

So- blah. I'm getting back into the swing. My Deviant Art Site is updated with new art.

Yin & Yang will update this week.
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