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Insomnia, now with bizarre half dreams!

So, where's today's comic? Half-done in my notebook, an unfortunate victim of my own devices.

As some of you may or may not know, I'm currently in the last semester of my Masters in Museum Education candidacy. This is includes my final class, Teaching Political Science and Political Philosophy (for those who don't know of Massachusetts stupidity in its teaching licensure, this is Teaching History)(3+ hours a week), my internship at the MFA (24+ hours a week), and my two days working downtown as an assistant manager. So I'm working an equivilent of 6 days a week in 5, and most of my weekends are attempts to catch up on sleep, and until yesterday when by the grace of god I found one, searching for a dress for my little sister's debut at the Baltimore Lecher's Ball (if you don't know, don't ask).

This might explain to some of you why recently the comic's been updating only once a week. To others, you fail to realize that unlike some gobshites I don't want donations- those are for people who can't sustain a living on their own. I love doing this comic, but I want to do what I love even more; and in order to do that, my Masters work comes first (although my advisor is suspicious about that...).

So the short of this whiney, rambling message is the comic will most likely be up tomorrow or Wednesday. Hopefully with a tee shirt design or two, and comission info, so anyone dumb enough to like my shit can buy it. And maybe pay my electric bill.
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