Jess Idres (jesidres) wrote in yinandyangcomic,
Jess Idres

Today's Comic.

I know, I know, I'm horrid. Two characters smoking and not talking about it's dangerous effects on mankind! But it's actually something of James's background that I had scripted out well before the comic started, but didn't fit in until now.
This is another instance of character's stealing my attributes. I DO NOT smoke, however, the few times I've travelled to london, I've found myself horribly ill in pubs and clubs unless I have a cigarette (better described as a fag-no, not that way, you twat.) I only smoked 3 or 4 times on any given trip, and even then I couldn't stand american cigarettes- for god sakes, for those of you who do smoke them, WHY? The easiest reason why I never pick a cigarette up again is because you can't get Silk Cuts here in the States.
Also, expect to see James with a new hair cut (probably on friday) as he starts making Midori Sours and Dirty Hos (mmmmm, yum!) for the swinging cats on Newbury Street. I'llhopefully have an architectual drawing of the inside of the Black Cat up soon- it's based loosely on the Knitting Factory in New York and the 8x10 in Fells Point (both of which have taken way too much of my money).

I'm also going to be shutting down this community soon, replacing it with a simple live journal for all the notations and sightings for Yin & Yang. This way, folks can understand better what's going on in the comic, and can leave direct feedback on particular strips- not that anyone will, mind you.

Last but not least, I'll be at two show in New York City this month, The Benten Tokyo show featuring Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, The Rodeo Carburettor, The Emeralds, Stance Punks, Pe'z, and Ellegarden, at the Knitting Factory on March 20th(just be careful if I've ordered Mexican Piss water, I get biligerent); and the Dir En Grey show at Avalon, March 21st. The latter show is the famous Japanese punk band's only east coast performance, so it's going to be wild; the former features my personal favs the Emeralds as well as Ellegarden, who actually speak great english and do fabulous Pillows covers. Show up with any Yin & Yang propaganda, and I'll sketch you something between sets. Buy me a drink, hell, I'll put you in the comic.

Oh, yeah. The stitches come out tommorrow.
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